Highlighting people of color, women & LGBTQ community within media, ad tech, advertising and marketing.

About the Podcast:

Highlighting people of color, women & LGBTQ community within media, ad tech, advertising and marketing.

Episode List

Ep1 - Stephanie Layser - In this episode we talk to Stephanie Layser, Vice President of Advertising Technology & Operations at News Corp. Listen in to Stephanie tell her story of
how she got into digital advertising, why building relationships is so important and the honest conversation we have about being self-aware.

Ep2 - Ashley McGee - In this episode we talk to Ashley McGee, Senior Director Strategic Partnerships at TRONC (formerly Tribune Publishing). Listen in to Ashley tell her story of balancing digital advertising during the day, crisis counselor at night as well as being a great mom.

Ep3 - Dennis Colon - In this episode we talk to Dennis Colon, VP of Ad Operations and Strategy at CBS Interactive. Listen to Dennis tell his story of what inspires him, how he overcomes challenges to lead by example and why being a mentor is so important to him.

Ep4 - Rich Sobel - In this episode we talk to industry veteran and consultant Rich Sobel. Listen to Rich tell his story of being openly gay in AdTech, the challenges he faced in the social atmosphere of the industry and how he's overcome those challenges. Rich also discusses how his love for change and evolution has lead him on a very interesting career journey. 

Ep5 - Wu Mahmood - In this episode we talk to Wu Mahmood, VP, Programmatic at Cadreon. Listen to Wu tell his story of how he got into AdTech, provide some leadership advice, how he helps underrepresented groups and much more.

Ep6 - Heather Carver - In this episode we talk with Heather Carver, SVP Seller Accounts at Rubicon Project. Listen to Heather tell her story of how she first got into AdTech, challenges of moving from an individual contributor to team leadership role, how she manages work-life balance and much more.

Ep7 - Felix Zeng - In this episode we talk with Felix Zeng, Head of Programmatic at Watson Advertising Inc. Listen as Felix tells his story of transitioning from Wall Street to Digital Advertising, why networking is so important to your education and how going above and beyond in your day to day so critical for growing your career.

Ep8 - Semande Agosa - In this episode, we talk with Semande Agosa, Head of Programmatic and Strategic Partnerships at Bonnier Corporation. Listen as Semande talks about steps taken that have helps his career trajectory, accomplishments he’s most proud of and his thoughts on diversity and including in advertising and marketing.

Ep9 - Bindu Lokre - In this episode, we talk with Bindu Lokre, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Consciously Unbiased. Listen as Bindu talks about leveraging her experience to be an agent for change, focusing her efforts on things that have a purpose, where she draws inspiration from and much more.

Ep10 - Amir Talai - In this episode, we talk with Amir Talai, VP of Client Success at Adslot. Listen as Amir talks about growing up Persian in the United States, how he goes about building diverse teams, why meditation and mental health is important and much more.

Ep11 - Leo Morejon - In this episode, we talk with Social Media Pioneer, Influencer Marketing and University Educator, Leo Morejon. Listen as we talk to Leo about growing up as Cuban-American in New Jersey, how he got his start in digital marketing, the idea behind his company Build & Inspire, and why you should always ask “why”.

Ep12 - Meg Runeari - In this episode, we talk with Meg Runeari, Vice President of Business Operations, N. America at Teads. Listen to hear Meg talk about how she got her start in digital advertising, why her mom and her wife have been two of the biggest influences in her life, the great work she is doing with the Media Inclusion Experience (MIX) and much more.

Ep13 - Erik A. Requidan - As the podcast comes off a bit of a hiatus, Kerel Cooper interviews Erik Requidan in this episode. Erik is Vice President of Sales and Programmatic Strategy at Intermarkets, Inc. as well as cofounder and cohost of this podcast. Listen as Erik talks about growing up half Filipino, half Guatemalan in the DC area. How he got into the digital advertising space and why he’s excited about the future of the industry.

Ep14 - Brenda Salce-Garcia & Seema Patel - In this episode, we talk with Brenda Salce-Garcia, Senior Vice President, Customer Success at Operative & Seema Patel, Vice President, Partnership Development at Viacom. Listen as we discuss why Brenda and Seema launched TechBae, advice for any women entering the adtech space, their thoughts on work-life balance and much more.

Ep15 - Oleg Korenfeld - In this episode, we talk with Oleg Korenfeld, Global Chief Platforms Officer at Wavemaker. Listen as we discuss Oleg’s career journey, the challenges of moving to the United States as a young kid, his thoughts on improving diversity and inclusion in the adtech space and much more.

Ep16 - Winter Mendelson - In this episode, we talk with Winter Mendelson, Founder and CEO of Posture Media. Listen as we talk with Winter about the struggles faced growing up, coming to the understanding of being non-binary, the reason and mission behind Posture Media and much more.

Ep17 - Adrian D’Souza - In this episode, we talk with Adrian D'Souza, Senior Vice President of Sales Strategy and Operations at Intersection Co. Listen to this fascinating conversation with Adrian as he takes us through his career journey, discusses why spending time with his family is key to work/life balance and how he handled being personally discriminated against in the workplace.