Afshan Nasseri, Founder & CEO at Aam Creative


Episode notes

In episode 172, Kerel has a solo conversation with Afshan Nasseri, Founder & CEO at Aam Creative, a multicultural marketing agency which she founded in 2021. Afshan was born in Montreal, Canada to parents from India and Iran, eventually moving to a suburb of Boston, later returning to Montreal for university. Her upbringing in such a multicultural family, speaking multiple languages, brought on her passion for culture, pop culture, and marketing to diverse audiences making sure they’re heard, celebrated and talked to.

They talk more about the lessons Afshan learned from leaving college and joining the corporate world, to leaving, the pandemic happening, and the need for money to survive being a huge factor in starting her own company. Afshan speaks on what gets her so excited to be a CEO, working with diverse women all over the world, helping companies learn more about their diverse audiences, and using what she loves and she’s good at to make a positive impact in the world.

“I said, "Wait, why is there no, like, cultural liaison?" That was the word I was kind of thinking in my head. Why is there no cultural liaison who's helping, you know, these marketers or brands speak to these moments and these people that clearly need time and care to be spoken to?”

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