Crystal Foote, Award-Winning Marketer, Author and DE&I Champion


Episode notes

In episode 171, Erik and Kerel have a conversation with Crystal Foote, an Award-Winning Marketer, Author and DE&I Champion who is also the Founder of NMSDC and WBENC-certified Digital Culture Group and Head of Multicultural Solutions at Performance Marketing company Digital Remedy focused on Inclusive Advertising. Crystal was born in Oakland, CA, raised in Vallejo, moved to New York to start her career in advertising, working for companies like MEC, RGA, and Publicis before transitioning to tech companies like Exponential and Amobee.

Crystal has an important passion project, her children’s book “The Inclusivity Superheroes: A Tale of Diversity and Unity” which helps bring diversity, relatability and inclusion to both children and parents. Now living in Atlanta, Crystal sees different aspects of all the cities she’s been a part of, her passion for positively influencing the world, maintaining a “work-life balance,” and continues to pass on the legacy of her family who has given their life to this country. In this episode, Crystal also reflects on their journey in the industry, shares advice she’d give to her younger self, highlighting perseverance, and they loosen it up with current music rotation jams. 

“We have a choice when we wake up - either to wake up on the right side of the bed or the wrong side of the bed, and I choose to wake up on the right side of the bed and pay gratitude because I am awake and I get to see my children and we're healthy.”

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The Inclusivity Superheroes

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