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Erik Requidan and Kerel Cooper started Minority Report Podcast in May of 2018 as a way of highlighting people of color, women and LGBTQ+ communities within business, media, and technology. Since that time we have created one of the largest catalogs of leaders who share insights and experiences gained throughout their personal and professional journeys.

Meet your founders & hosts

Kerel Cooper

Kerel Cooper is President of Advertising at Group Black where he leads Group Black's advertising revenue & operations team including sales, ad operations and customer success.  Cooper is an award-winning executive with 20+ years of digital media experience building Advertising Operations, Account Management, and Marketing teams. Before joining Group Black, Kerel was the Chief Marketing Officer at LiveIntent, where he led teams that managed campaigns for key publishers and advertisers, and teams that helped the company better understand the customer’s journey. He is the co-founder and co-host of Minority Report Podcast which highlights people of color, women & LGBTQ+ leaders within business, media, and technology.

He has been widely recognized for his leadership and innovation. Kerel was included in Crain's New York Business Notable Black Leaders and Executives 2021 list. He is the recipient of the 2021 AdWeek Readers’ Choice best of tech diversity advocate of the year award, the 2021 Diversity Advocate of the Year award by Campaign Tech Awards and 2021 Award of Excellence by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts.

LinkedIn: Kerel Cooper

Twitter: @kerel_cooper

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Meet your founders & hosts

Erik A. Requidan

Erik is the Founder and CEO of Media Tradecraft, a full service ad management and adtech firm and Principal at Tradecraft Advisory, a programmatic advertising advisory. Erik works directly with Publishers, brands, agencies, dsps, exchanges and ad technologies. He is widely regarded as one of the top programmatic experts in the country. He’s a frequent contributor to publications like Beet.TV, The Drum, AdAge, AdExchanger and Digiday, and collaborates with industry groups and associations like the IAB MIXX, AAF DC and AdExchanger Programmatic IO workshops. Erik is affiliated with and active on many exchange advisory councils. He also serves as a strategic adviser to several top ad tech companies helping them to improve their tech for both buyers and publishers.

LinkedIn: Erik A Requidan

Twitter: @Requidan

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