Why I do what I do featuring Kristen V. Carter


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In episode 169, Erik and Kerel talk with Kristen V. Carter, Executive Producer, Podcaster and Speaker, about her current project Gospel Live, working with great names like Henry Louis Gates Jr., her 22 years in the entertainment industry, creating the brand “Trust Your Magic” and more. Kristen grew up with five generations of family in Newark, New Jersey, being the only child surrounded by adults, she learned the ABCs watching the Wheel of Fortune and keeps her family legacy going with the V. standing for “Victoria” as her middle name, which was her great great grandmother’s and her mother’s name. 

Kristen started out in the industry as a head writer for BET, worked on a literacy project near and dear to hear heart with Kevin Hart, a special project with Discovery+ and Tina Knowles, now Gospel Live, amongst many other projects working with Essence, Oprah Winfrey Network, Fox, Bravo, E!, Food Network, NBC, MTV, just to name a few. Kristen shares how passionate she is about her morning routine, her work, storytelling, sharing her experiences of freeing herself of debt as a freelancer, the good music that fills her days, and so much more.

“I have always stood for excellence, fun, transparency, vulnerability, those are all the things that I think make a great leader. And at the time, when I worked on some of those projects, or some of those titles that you mentioned, I was not the leader of the ship, I was a part of a team. But I knew what I felt like was great leadership then and I'm really grateful to embody the things I always loved about certain leadership, and also the things I know really works in terms of moving forward with a team.”




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