Tricia Montalvo Timm, Board member, investor, DEI Leader and author


Episode notes

In episode 166, Erik and Kerel talk with Tricia Montalvo Timm, Board member, investor, DEI Leader and author of bestseller “Embrace the Power of You” about embracing and accepting yourself, achieving higher levels of success in work and life, and surrounding yourself with inspirational people. Tricia was born in Los Angeles to two immigrant parents, who she learned work ethic from, created deep family connections with and how she integrates those traits into her working career. Through growing up in a family that tried to assimilate to American culture in order to fit in and face less prejudices, Tricia eventually discovered that in order to achieve the success, happiness, and belonging she truly desired, she would have to embraces the things that made her different from the people around her - and even find that they have a lot more in common than first glance.

Through her work and her book “Embrace the Power of You,” Tricia helps future and current leaders develop skills and empathy to break through any fears that may be stopping them from including and celebrating all of who they and others are. In her personal life, as well, she teaches her family and her children to take care of themselves so they can take care of the people around them. Tricia shares advice for those who may be struggling in their career, stories about her life where she has continued to find and embrace herself, and so much more.

“What I say by embracing all of you is really figuring out who you are at your core. What are the values that resonate with you? What is the identity that resonates with you? And I think until we embrace that, until we love and respect that part of ourselves, and truly believe that voice, that perspective is valuable in the workplace, I don't think until we do that, can we truly get to the next level of success.”




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