Tenisha Griggs, VP, Head of Global Media at Terminus


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In episode 154, Erik and Kerel talk with Tenisha Griggs, VP, Head of Global Media at Terminus, a company that combines intent and web-engagement data with industry-leading b2b digital advertising capabilities to build brand awareness. Tenisha is originally from Detroit, Michigan but made her way to Atlanta with a full ride to Georgia Tech for track while studying business management and she has stayed in the city since then. Growing up as an athlete as well as her parents becoming entrepreneurs helped her build characteristics to help her in the business world today working at places such as AT&T and other telecom companies.

Tenisha shares her experience of going from a student-athlete to being competitive in the business world, strong qualities she has adopted from her hard working parents, what she loves about Atlanta, and how she pushes herself to try new things. She also talks about her seven year old son who she co-wrote a book with during the pandemic and was featured on Fox News, how important it is to make time for him, why she requires a work life balance, how she has grown in her career and personal life to where she can advocate for herself, the one main place she from which she draws inspiration, and so much more.

“I think you have to understand what transferable skills you have. Like, how you can take that and apply that somewhere else. A large part of that is you being able to convey to that company and that hiring manager how your skills are relevant.”

Tenisha Griggs on LinkedIn VP


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