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In episode 175, Erik and Kerel talk with Anika Howard, President and Chief Executive Officer at Wondr Nation. Anika was born to two student activists in New Orleans and soon moved to Washington D.C. where it was safer and they could help more activists be protected while they worked to integrate schools and museums in the US. She fell in love with technology as a child because she felt like that was a place where the playing field was level, where if she learned about technology, she could succeed. She was put in a management accelerated program right out of college and went from intern to now being an executive, visionary, and leader.

Anika talks about the work she’s doing in gaming and tech, qualities leaders need to be successful, how her journey was influenced deeply by her parents and her upbringing, and what brought her to be CEO. Anika has been in gaming since before people even knew about it and she talks about being a key factor in educating people about these integrations, making the partnerships and experiences more fluid and fun, why sometimes being the first can be lonely and confusing, what she wants to be better at on a personal level, and so much more.

“I get motivated by smart people, by people that are passionate about what they do, no matter the industry. And so when I look at my network, and my friends that pour into me, and then I pour into them, I mean, that's really what it is. It's people that are passionate and authentic, and just bringing their true selves.”

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