Shalita Grant, Founder and CEO of Four Naturals Hair


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In episode 159, Erik and Kerel talk with Shalita Grant, Founder and CEO of Four Naturals Hair, a company designed to care for type 4 hair, about her upbringing, how it made her tough and resilient, eventually taking her to a full ride at Juilliard at 17, going on to Broadway and nominated for a Tony, to becoming a series regular on NCIS: New Orleans. She also shares her on-set experience of her hair becoming more and more dry and abused by ill-equipped hairstylists eventually leading to leaving her TV show, and how that has brought her business Four Naturals Hair to fruition.

Shalita shares how she researched, experimented, and saw incredible results from the plant ingredients and practices she gathered from India and North Africa and has made it her mission to help those with type 4 hair. Four Naturals Hair is all about education, being yourself, and improving the lives of Black women, men and children’s lives with their hair.

“At the end of the day, if you want a better life, you have to do stuff to get it. And you have to be open to opportunities, and you have to be ready. And it is unfair, because you never know when the opportunity is coming. But that's life, baby, like use what you got.”

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