NoorJehan Tourte, Group SVP, Strategic Planner at Area 23


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In episode 162, Erik and Kerel talk with NoorJehan Tourte, Group SVP, Strategic Planner at Area 23, a healthcare advertising agency about growing up in the Mojave Desert with her Indian family and community, moving to LA proper at 15, and being exposed to so many more people and cultures which really influenced how she lives her life and works today. Following in her brother’s footsteps of being on track to go to med school, NoorJehan eventually figured out that going to business school to get her MBA was a much more exciting path.

From starting out in advertising in the Pharma space at Pfizer, to eventually getting into marketing at Area 23, NoorJehan has learned quite a bit. She shares a mission of her own about getting women really excited about failure, being a part of the Sports Illustrated Swim Search competition, a story about falling off a couch on her birthday and how she made that a win, the cycles of female friendships, great advice that she’s given and passed along to the listeners, and so much more.

“I've been saying this to myself a lot lately, I'm not saying it's a point of no return, but there is a point in a day or a point at a time in a project lifecycle where it's more important to be respected than to be liked and you just have to know when that matters more.”

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