Michael Roca, Executive Director, Elevate at Omnicom Media Group


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In episode 165, Erik and Kerel talk with Michael Roca, Executive Director, Elevate at Omnicom Media Group. Elevate is a center of excellence and community that helps upstream diversity in the audience and business process. In their conversation, Michael shares his story of growing up in Queens, New York, as the youngest of four boys and children of Guatemalan parents, how they assimilated to the Latin and American cultures, how he still stays connected with those roots and the lessons he’s learned from his parents and family that he has passed on to his kids.

Since 2006, Michael has been in the media industry and has seen a lot of changes in diversity, although more is to be made. He explains to us how businesses need to communicate with their diverse audiences in order to stay alive, hiring experts to help just like one would outsource any other expertise, and making real change through budgets, resources, and decisions. Michael continues to learn from new people coming into the industry in terms of inspiration and balance, keeps his Board of Directors close to him, and he also shares advice from lessons he’s learned, advice to his younger self at the beginning of his career, and what excites him about the culture from new generations to music and more.

“If we're not looking at future proofing your business, you're not going to be here in 20 years, right? You're not going to be here, in some categories, in the next decade, if you're not talking to these audiences, and you're not talking to them authentically.”

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