Maria Morukian, CEO at MSM Global Consulting


Episode notes

In episode 161, Erik and Kerel talk with Maria Morukian, CEO at MSM Global Consulting, a company offering a unique approach to organizational culture change by empowering organizations to achieve greater success through embracing equity, diversity and inclusivity. They talk about Maria’s multicultural upbringing, how that has inspired and impacted her work in the DEI space today, lessons and stories from her life and work, the premise of MSM Global Consulting and how they partner and collaborate with clients to do the real work, not the performative DEI work.

Maria shares so many powerful stories and examples of the work and challenges that come up in DEI. Stories ranging from people practicing expansion, companies not understanding the actual work they need to do rather than surface level, pointing at leadership to blame, and how all of us “coming to the table” isn’t the inclusive act many think it is. She also tells us what keeps her up at night, what she’s grateful for right now, and what’s made her laugh lately - questions asked from her idea of Compassionate Leadership.

“So I think just having friendships with people who are willing to do that, give you the hard truth, sometimes with all of the kindness and support and also always invite you to do the same. That level of vulnerability is really incredible.”

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"Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Trainers: Fostering DEI in the Workplace"

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