Lynne d Johnson, Content Director at AdMonsters


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In episode 160, Erik and Kerel talk with Lynne d Johnson, Content Director at AdMonsters, about her childhood - born and raised in New York to her mom and dad. Her dad who was in the military taught her discipline, made her make her bed a certain way, her grandmother made her and her siblings polish silver, and other ways that made Lynne the woman and professional she is today.

Lynne shares the importance of community, what she’s looking forward to most in the ad tech industry in 2024, some bold predictions about audio ads, and the current state of diversity in the ad tech industry. Lynne also tells us where she goes to learn about fresh new ideas and topics in the ad tech industry, how she leans on her service to others being her biggest accomplishment, learning to be more of herself, and advice she would give her younger self.

“I'm here as a service. [...] And I don't know if I'm a service leader, per se, but when I think of my accomplishments, I think of how I served other people.”

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