Karna Crawford, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Marqeta


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In episode 157, Erik and Kerel talk with Karna Crawford, Global Chief Marketing Officer at Marqeta, the world's first modern card issuing platform. Karna was born in DC, raised in Indianapolis, moved to Atlanta, and eventually found herself at Tulane University studying biomedical engineering and switching to marketing. Growing up watching her mom work as a paralegal, a steady, solid, job, she knew she wanted to do anything but that, which is why the fast paced marketing work excited her so much. She has gone on to work for JP Morgan, Coca Cola, Miller, Coors, Ford, Motor Company, Verizon, and more.

Karna shares what challenges Marqeta is currently facing, along with the major impact they’re creating in the world, why she chose to work there and why culture was such an important part of her decision. She takes us through her journey of how she figured out what she wanted to do with her life, her mentors who helped so much, helpful advice she has been given and also advice for those who are going into marketing. Karna also talks about what excites her about the future of marketing, where she draws inspiration from, and most importantly - what’s in her music rotation right now.

“Be curious and listen and learn everything that you can. Even when you've mastered something, find something else to learn, something else to be curious about, because you never know where that will take you, as well as how well it will position you for influence in whatever situation you may find yourself in.”

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