Karen Vega, Vice President, Audience Impact & Intelligence at Paramount Advertising


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In episode 155, Erik and Kerel talk with Karen Vega, Vice President, Audience Impact & Intelligence at Paramount Advertising, a branch of Paramount, a company that develops strategic and collaborative solutions that connect their partners to their diverse, passionate fan base. Karen was born in Colombia, migrated to the states at 13 years old and always had the dream of working in entertainment. Her mother, who was a writer, was in love with the industry and was really formative to Karen eventually working in it. She eventually went to LaSalle University and Seton Hall University to major in communications and minor in Hispanic studies. She has worked at major companies including iHeart, Billboard, FTI Consulting, Viacom, and Viacom CBS.

Karen shares about her experience as an immigrant, how she got started in communications and advertising, why she loves working with Paramount and has just passed her eight year work anniversary. She also talks about what is important to her as a working professional - networking, continuing education, mentoring, sharing the narrative of LatinX, work-life balance, and more.

“With a big company, you see so much change happen. It can be daunting for people. But I would say it has really fit me and benefited me and my personality because I like change. I see opportunity in change. And so when change happens I actually lean in. I observe, but I lean in. And I think that's been really helpful to my career and my development as a professional within Paramount.”

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