Live from AdMonsters PubForum - Chris Contreras, Chief Customer Officer at MNTN


Episode notes

In episode 153 live from AdMonsters PubForum Miami, Erik and Kerel talk with Chris Contreras, Chief Customer Officer at MNTN, a company that builds advertising software for brands to drive measurable conversions, revenue, site visits and more through the power of television. Chris was first born American after his parents moved to the United States from the Dominican Republic. He comes from a long line of well-acclaimed family members, his father who taught himself English and practiced medicine, a mother who was an architect, and his grandmother who was the first female to run a bank in the Dominican Republic. Chris deciding between medicine and business eventually chose finance and has worked at Univision, NBC, Snap, and more Global Customer Success organizations.

Chris not only works full-time at MNTN but also has a lot of outside obligations including founding an angel fund, a mentorship program through MNTN, as well as a mentorship program in the CS sector, and mentoring VPs and SVPs. He believes that DEI is not something to be promoted as a time-based initiative, but something that is weaved into a workplace and leadership. Chris shares soft and hard skills employees need to have stepping into leadership positions, the importance of mentorship and why future leaders need to get clarity on their weaknesses to figure out a great balance for themselves, their team, and their company. 

“I think communication is such a valuable component. As you move up in your career, the clarity, the succinctness of which you provide feedback, and just general guidance to a customer and internal constituent becomes even more and more important, because the time that you have with senior leaders is very limited.”


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