Doug Melville, Author of ‘Invisible Generals' and DEI Executive


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In episode 163, Erik and Kerel talk with Doug Melville, a DEI executive and author of ‘Invisible Generals,' a story about America's first two black generals, a father and a son, who helped integrate the military, create and command the Tuskegee Airmen, and beyond. Doug grew up with a majority mixed race family, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, went to Syracuse University, majored in marketing, worked with public figures such as Britney Spears, Quincy Jones, Charlamagne Tha God to name a few and eventually found himself in DEI.

Doug shares his family story, why it’s so important to own your own family’s story, becoming a powerful networker and communicator, what it was like to grow up mixed race in different communities, committing to helping people be seen, getting his book published by Simon and Schuster, the current state of the DEI space, advice for global DEI officers, where he draws inspiration, and so much more. 

“Sometimes the skills that we pick up, negotiation, communication, storytelling, are actually the things that are going to change the way these companies operate, and the outcomes.”

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