Carrie Bloxson and Kolt Bloxson Pitts


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In episode 176, Kerel talks with sisters Carrie Bloxson, Chief DEI Officer at Hachette Book Group USA & UK, and Kolt Bloxson Pitts, Founding Executive Director at Miles Ahead Charter School. They discuss their family’s upbringing as Carrie being the oldest of four and Kolt being the youngest, how their childhoods differed and the impacts of their experiences to do the work they do today.

In their conversation Kolt shares why her son and his success was the main motivating factor creating and launching a tuition free Public Charter School and the 21st Century curriculum that prepares students to be real world ready. Carrie talks about DEI today in the corporate world, how it differs in the US versus internationally, and how she is dedicated to moving forward and making a difference because, in her eyes, there is no other way. The two sisters also share what their conversations consist of personally and professionally, what gets them both excited day to day, how they deal with imposter syndrome, anxiety, self-doubt, the music in their rotation right now and more.

“I noticed that the local high school that my own son would matriculate from was only matriculating one of seven males of color for college and career readiness. If I sent my own son to this school, I would literally be setting him up for his own disenfranchisement, which is not acceptable. And if it's not acceptable for my son, it's acceptable for no one's son, no one's daughter, no one's child in general, and someone has to do something about it. And if there's going to be someone to do something about it, why not be me?” - Kolt Bloxson Pitts

“I think we also have to recognize that there has to be some allowance for trial and error and failure in this human social experiment that we're working on called diversifying and making our workplaces more inclusive. And if we can give each other the grace to understand that and think really strategically about what are the right ways to do this, then we've got something.” - Carrie Bloxson

Carrie Bloxson

Kolt Bloxson Pitts

Miles Ahead Charter

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