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In episode 168, Erik and Kerel talk with Willow Hill, the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Scout Lab, a creative communications agency specializing in branding, communications, and campaigns who guide brands who are at their inflection points toward a future we want to live in, bringing together purpose and profit. Willow gives so much credit to the inspiration she gained from her mother, who had her at sixteen years old, and the impact her father had on her, leaving her with philosophies of American Indians, and how these experiences shaped her worldview in life and business.

Willow shares her perspective on the importance of being purpose driven, why she feels a responsibility as a woman in tech, and a part of the 1% of women owned agencies, to shape how the culture shows up and help direct the collective imagination, and how she uses two Native American philosophies for her creativity and the impact she wants to leave. She shares her unique ideas on work-life balance, how she manages her time, what it truly takes to be a leader, tips on how to create an award winning campaign (Scout Lab won the 2023 Digiday Award for Best B2B Branding Campaign) and more.

“With my team, I really like to remind everyone, one, that everyone is creative, that creativity isn't something that's, exclusive just a designer or a writer, but that ultimately, leadership is recognizing our own ability to act, and then doing that with intention.”

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