Ashley Holmes, Head of Marketing at LUMA Partners


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In episode 174, Erik and Kerel talk with Ashley Holmes, Head of Marketing at LUMA Partners. LUMA Partners is the leading investment bank focused on digital media and marketing, composed of bankers and also trusted strategic advisors who have been around the block a few times. As an only child to a single mother growing up in Queens, NY, Ashley learned a lot about responsibility, hard work, self-reliance and her biggest passion - theater. After getting a Theater Management degree she found herself leaning towards banking, but unfortunately the year happened to be 2008, the big banking crash. She started in retail marketing and eventually moved herself up to where she is now at LUMA.

Ashley speaks on her career and the importance of self-sufficiency, taking ownership of projects, and leveraging team strengths. And especially after Covid, Ashley has learned how to set boundaries between work and life, so now she has more time to dip into her almost forgotten passion of theater and is now partaking in burlesque. She also shares struggles she’s had in her work and life journey, the perceptions she’s had changed from working with so many different people, advice for people who want to get into marketing and build their skills, the fun music she has in her rotation, and more.

“I am firmly convinced that no matter what you do, even if you love your job from here to eternity if there's also something else that feeds your soul, you cannot neglect it. You really have to give a concerted effort to that as well because what supports you is multifaceted.”

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