A Black Executive Perspective w/ Tony Tidbit


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In episode 167, Kerel talks with Tony Tidbit, a business executive and Founder and Host of the Black Executive Perspective Podcast where Tony peels back the layers of intersectionality, systemic racism, and other challenging issues shrouding the experiences of Black professionals in America's corporate environment. Tony started his career in sales as an office manager at Amway, took a risk, moved jobs to a construction business with an acquaintance where he flourished, and then continued into the advertising industry where he has experience at AT&T, Xander, and Direct TV.

Tony focuses on being a good leader, building relationships, and continuously learning. He educated himself to success not only on sales techniques, but also through books like Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Positive Thinking, How to Win Friends and Influence People along with many more and many motivational tapes. He coaches and mentors others in regards to mindset, preparing for and seeing opportunities, serving others, being vulnerable and authentic, and more. Tony’s goal and mission on this planet is to provide assistance to anybody that comes across his path, which is what he enjoys doing the most.

“The attribute of a great leader is service. It's about helping the other person become successful first. Because when you do that, then you become successful. So all of your efforts are not about you any longer. They're about that individual.”

A Black Executive Perspective






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