Miki Reynolds, CEO at Grid110


In episode 146, Erik and Kerel talk with Miki Reynolds, CEO at Grid110.

Episode notes

In episode 146, Erik and Kerel talk with Miki Reynolds, CEO at Grid110, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles that provides free entrepreneurship programs to early stage founders. Miki was born and raised in the Bay Area, Alameda, with her mom, who is Japanese and her dad, who is Caucasian American. Growing up mixed, Miki never really explored her multicultural identity until she went to college at UCLA and found more people who were exploring their identities there. She has worked in tech her whole career, co-founded Grid110 with 6 other people and eventually stepped into the role of the Executive Director a few years in, then moving to CEO about a year and a half ago.

Miki shares the work that’s happening at Grid110 including working with almost 250 companies so far, 70% led by women and 74% led by founders of color. She also talks about her work life blend and how what she does outside of work sometimes looks similar to what she does inside of work - being on the advisory board for Women in STEM LA and South by Southwest, to name a couple. Miki shares how she has faced imposter syndrome, a couple ways on how to overcome it, how to become a possibility model to show others what’s possible, and what Grid110 looks for in founders before they consider working with them.
On imposter syndrome: “I think it's just reminding yourself that if something like that comes up, you were invited to that table. That there was a reason that you were chosen, that this is being presented to you and that is they want to hear your voice, your perspective. And you have one. I think it's just to have confidence in that and to figure out what is it that I want to say? And how do I want to share it?”


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