Crystal Roman, Owner at The Black Latina Movement


In episode 144, Erik and Kerel talk with Crystal Shaniece Roman, Owner at The Black Latina Movement.

Episode notes

In episode 144, Erik and Kerel talk with Crystal Shaniece Roman, Owner at The Black Latina Movement, a theater and film production company in New York City. Crystal grew up in New York City and was born to Jamaican and Puerto Rican parents. At a very young age she fell in love with acting and the arts in general and then continued on to become an actor. As she continued in her career, due to her being biracial and not fitting into the one race box everyone wanted to cast from, she wasn’t getting many roles. She decided to start making her own work and that was when The Black Latina Movement started. Other than being the Founder and CEO, she has now written, produced and directed.

Crystal shares the changes being created through The Black Latina Movement by traveling to different universities and opening up others’ perspectives about her and others’ cultures, the forward progress that’s being made in the movie industry through the power of people and community, and a very important lesson Crystal has learned about herself since running her own business.

“A lot of the time, especially with algorithms and Instagram, people will feel like they have to just jump into different things just to stay relevant. Like, "Oh, I'm doing this one thing and this isn't working for me. And I'm going to do this. And I'm going to do that." You have to stay firm in what your passion is because tides will change and fades go in and out, but if you falter and you don't stay firm and you don't stay disciplined, it's very easy to lose it.”

The Black Latina Movement

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