Jeff Lindor, Founder and CEO at The Gentlemen's Factory Inc.


In episode 141, Erik and Kerel have a conversation with Jeff Lindor, Founder and CEO at The Gentlemen�s Factory Inc.

Episode notes

In episode 141, Erik and Kerel have a conversation with Jeff Lindor, Founder and CEO at The Gentlemen’s Factory Inc. based out of Brooklyn, NY. Gentleman's Factory is a community and a movement bringing men, black men specifically, together for entrepreneurial programming, executive series’, and physical spaces to work together, build, and move the world. Jeff was born in Haiti and grew up in Brooklyn, NY from the age of three. Even after having a successful career and family at the age of 29, Jeff felt he was being called to create a bigger impact. This pushed him to leave his high-paying job and go full force into entrepreneurship.

Jeff shares the massive impact the Gentlemen’s Factory is having on the Brooklyn community through members investing in themselves and their surroundings by giving them a stake in their community’s real estate, working with black-owned businesses, developers and banks. He is also excited about the Gentlemen’s Factory podcast where he shares his experience as an entrepreneur in hopes to bring information to those who are entrepreneurs or aspiring, as well.

“I think everyone needs to ask themselves the question, what is the mission statement for their lives? And once you can answer that question and have a high level of conviction, when it comes to that, then I think that nothing can really stop you.”

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