Rob Richardson, Founder at Disrupt Art


In episode 139 Kerel speaks with Rob Richardson, Founder at Disrupt Art.

Episode notes

In episode 139 Kerel speaks with Rob Richardson, Founder at Disrupt Art, a company that aims to curate an interactive space on Web3 for artists, collectors, and activists to revolutionize the impact of art. Rob’s love of activism comes from his parents - his father who was very involved in both the labor movement as well as the Civil Rights Movement and his mother who was the founder of a restaurant. After being told by his 8th grade teacher that college wasn’t a path he was going to be able to follow, his mother said otherwise and Rob went on to study at the University of Cincinnati. There he also started the school’s first chapter of the NAACP and went on to become more involved in politics and public service and eventually moved into the Web3 space founding Disrupt Art.

In this talk, Rob speaks on the importance of the ownership of platforms, for artists, especially brown and black artists to be fairly compensated for their art, and the massive opportunity people have now more than ever to build and cultivate a community online in a way that they see fit.

“This is the opportunity. This is the time to build. And if we want to have a better way to close the income gap, this is not a panacea, but this is a big tool that will provide opportunities to build wealth and build communities in a way that's never been possible.”


Twitter @Disrupt.Art

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