Phil Schraeder, CEO at GumGum


In episode 138 Kerel and Erik sit down with Phil Schraeder, the CEO at GumGum.

Episode notes

In episode 138 Kerel and Erik sit down with Phil Schraeder, the CEO at GumGum, a company that empowers advertisers to deliver creative advertising campaigns without the use of personal data. Phil grew up as the middle child in Illinois, stayed close to home through college at Northwestern University, and started his career at KPMG. He didn’t feel he could be open and express himself in ways that he wanted in that environment so he took the opportunity to move to Los Angeles to find himself and explore who he is. Out West, Phil started working in the accounting sector of the movie industry, which made him much more comfortable, he found connections and eventually moved into the tech space.

In this conversation, Phil talks about his experience of his 10 years so far at GumGum, how they are addressing privacy in the online space, creating a workplace culture that is accepting and open to feedback, and bringing authenticity to digital environments.

“With all the exciting things we're doing, it's really, how do we bring the authenticity to those digital environments? How do we use technology to be really smart about what's going on? All the images, the text, the audio, use all of that stuff, don't use the personal data, and then help advertisers find the right message to reach me.”

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