Brooke Goodspeed, Founder at GETincluded: inclusion of neurodivergent individuals


In episode 134 Kerel and Erik chat with Brooke Goodspeed, Founder at GETincluded.

Episode notes

In episode 134 Kerel and Erik chat with Brooke Goodspeed, Founder at GETincluded, a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating the social inclusion of neurodivergent individuals in the community setting. Brooke jumped into the world of advocacy over 10 years ago after her son, Oliver, was born with down syndrome and later diagnosed with autism. Realizing that employment was one of the biggest hurdles Oliver and other neurodivergent people like him would face, she and her husband started GETIncluded.

During the conversation, we chat with Brooke about the mission of GETIncluded, the challenges that the disabilities community faces, the work that needs to be done on an employer’s side, her personal attachment to the disabilities community, and why she is so passionate about her work.

“I think once you really incorporate individuals with neurodiversity into the workplace then you really get to see what a huge benefit it is to have.”

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